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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ooops, perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea after all!

It was with a certain sarcastic gleam that I saw myself smiling at an article on the Financial Times entitled “ Iraq and bust” how “ The cost of war will be at least $1,000 bn".

The article confirmed what I had suspected for a long time, that not only is the invasion of Iraq highly questionable from an humanitarian and ethical point of view but also that it will come down in History as on of the biggest fuck-ups Capitalism has ever made.

To put things in perspective 1000 billion US$ is equivalent to 6 times the Gross domestic product on Portugal (PIB as it is know there).

So Mr. Bush, tell us:

You pissed off the whole of the Muslin world
You did not make world a safer place
You have so far let 35 000 people die in Iraq
You have let the Iraq Oil Production drop from 2.6 m barrels per day before the war to 1.1 m
You have given yet more strength to Arab Oil Producing countries as Iran with the Oil Price increase
And Finally: This war is set to cost your country a staggering 1000 Billion US $

Why the fuck did you invade it then???!!


Blogger daviduskas said...

Er....Because God told him?

1:32 PM

Blogger daviduskas said...

I'm going to steal some of your stuff, and paste it in a forum in America, is that alright by u?

2:11 PM

Blogger Goncaluskas said...


6:46 AM

Blogger Ana A. said...

Ou,se calhar, o sr Bush tem um trauma de infância por, nessa altura, não haver nem a Playstation nem aquele jogo o...grand theft auto (se calhar disse uma bacorada de todo o tamanho, mas acho que passei a ideia...).

10:13 AM


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