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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Space: the final frontier

There are essential things in life: friends, love, health and of course, our own personal freedom. Sustaining and growing these should be our objective in life.

Personal space is something we urgently need but at the same time fear.

Humans, as social beings like to be surrounded by their own kind. However, they are also complex animals to whom happiness can depend on the most bizarre of needs.

To have our own territory and home gives us a reference for our weekly routine; a hideout to return to, heal our wounds and recover back to our ideal mental, physical and emotional levels. Our home is somehow like a self-portrait that we change everyday when we decorate, buy a new TV or change the bedsheets.

It is also a place where we make the most of our decisions, where we achieve our victories or face the bitter image of defeat. It will be a place of joy and a place of tears where we learn that the best bridge between despair and hope is a good night sleep.

Your friends will be there to help you cross that bridge.


Blogger JĂșlio Sousa said...

Hehe. I see you're quite fond of your lair... Problem is when people's lairs are like the one's in the photo. Who would want to live in those boxes? Nevertheless, the importance of the environment surrouding us is of great importance. Take for instance the recent riots in France (not against the working contract, the previous ones)and look at the places where the inmigrants live. Again boxes that look more like Alcatraz than anything else. Do you reckon thre's a connection?

7:54 AM

Blogger Goncaluskas said...

It is all relative, those boxes are a lot more confortable than a lot of other places in the world. The pictures is used to show that we are not out of touch with reality, but to emphasize that you should make the most of your lair and appreciate it for what it is: private personal space.

2:42 PM

Blogger Kirby said...

thx for the comment on my blog downtown montreal if u want put more

8:32 PM


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