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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Europe's Californication

Finaly! Finaly!

This is the face of the candidate in Portugal's presidential election that says that Portugal is to become Europe's California!

For days we have hosted a poll (first box on your right) on the ethical, philosophical and political implications of the project.

Now you have a chance to look at at a pic of the man, we hope it will help with your choice. And yes, he really exists: his name is: Aníbal Silva.
If you’re not satisfied with the choices on offer, fell free to toss in your suggestions. Any thing goes; even this one takes the biscuit for European political anecdote of the Year!

So watch out Spain! On your guard France, Britain and all you other European Iowa’s! California is coming to town!


Blogger Goncaluskas said...

This man is so intelligent he might even find a little space for Israel when he re-shapes Europe. Eh! Eh!

6:23 AM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

I have noted some likeness between the Professor and the Governator. They both love the sun, one in the beaches of Algarve, the other in the hills of Hollywood. Both have the gift of rhetoric - I will be back!, comes to mind as a chorus for both of them. They have a rugged masculine look.

The similarities are such that one craves the other's job. Someone should tell Cavaco that presiding Portugal is nothing like governing California, maybe he will give up then and there...

8:03 AM


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