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Monday, February 27, 2006

God, religion, Islam

I'm completely against religious approaches on life. I consider that religious beliefs sprung from fear and not from love. Because we are mortal and can't make sense of life, we create this reassuring idea of God. We are so desperately afraid of the big unknown - death - that we turn to the idea of God.

It gives sense - meaning - to our life. However, this is an irrational and dogmatic meaning. There's nothing in life that objectively points to the existence of God, apart from the fact that so many people have faith on him.

It’s dogmatic because it rules out other interpretations of the World and of life. For instance, mine:

There’s no purpose in life rather than being alive. One day I will die and that will be it. I will become a non-existence. A nothing. Believers in God can’t accept this interpretation because it’s an inconceivable one. No purpose? You die and that’s it? For believers there’s more to life than life. Again, because they are afraid. I’m also afraid of the unknown, especially since nobody has ever returned to tell him what it is like. But, as long as I’m among the living I’ll do my best not only for me but also for my fellow brothers and sisters. I know, I’m being irrational but I have faith in Human kind. At least I have some evidence of its existence and, albeit Human kind seems so bound on its own destruction, being a member I must try to do my best.
And what is more, I just hope you are right and there is a God after all.

Of course, if we can’t prove that God exists, we cannot prove that he does not exist, either. Nevertheless, statistically, his existence is highly improbable. But why should this be a matter of such concern?

I will give you some reasons.

Those who don't believe in God are either fools to be left alone or, in a more extreme version, infidels that should be hunt down.

More people have been killed in the name of God than for anything else.

Now, one of the religions I abhor the most is Islam. Because not only it comes with moral precepts but also with a full judicial code, the Sharia.

The Sharia code implies several things, from which I've selected merely two.

First: The fate of Women.

Second: The fate of gays.

Interesting, is it not?


Blogger Goncaluskas said...

Not to mention that believing in god is another way of post poning your responsability to live life to its fullest and being responsable for living it well. It is a negation of existentialism because, hey god died for you sins so if you sin everything will be sorted when you die and meet your creator.

7:55 AM


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