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Saturday, December 31, 2005

As we happily waltz into 2006, a few thoughts about 2005 come to mind.

Drastic climatic changes taking place within our lifespan; a war on terror that can not be won and seems merely to perpetuate a state of insecurity in Western Democracies; Democracy under siege, both in the US and in Britain; war in Iraq, and a sinister man in a neighbouring country; a wall in the Holly Land, reminding that other divider they had in Berlin.

All of this and more was 2005. I for one think there is not much to celebrate. Alas, as the French say, ce la vie. So have fun, enjoy your friends and families; celebrate and be happy. I’m betting we won’t have many opportunities in 2006. Until then, your friend at Back to Enlightenment wishes you all a

Happy New Year!


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