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Friday, December 16, 2005

Nuclear power? - The cocktail

Recently, Mohamed ElBaradei said:

"The surge in global energy demand will require continued usage of most, if not all, available energy sources. But with the reduction of carbon emissions becoming a top priority, increasing emphasis will be given to energy conservation and 'clean' energy sources. Within this array of choices... countries are increasingly looking to nuclear as an important part of the future energy mix."

I’m fine with mixing. I just love cocktails. The trick of a cocktail lies as much on how you do the mixing as on the proportion of the ingredients used in the mixture. My problem with cocktails is that I’m a bit of an alcoholic, and always get so much greedy that I use a greater proportion of the heavy stuff. In the end I just get totally drunk and because of that my health is ruined.

Let’s hope that in the energetic cocktail the barmen are not alcoholics for money like I am for booze. I’m a drunk I cannot fight the allure of intoxicating drinks; Let’s hope that the world’s leading politicians and business men don’t get too high on this idea of cheap, clean, safe nuclear power.
Let’s hope that the allure of an easy way for solving global warming while simultaneously cashing in on big time nuclear deals does not lead to our ultimate intoxication.


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