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Monday, January 30, 2006

Google, Courage, lies

The Unknown Rebel, single handed, halted a column of tanks converging on Tiananmen Square, China, for more than half and hour. The year was 1989.
The tanks were there because some students and peasants were also there, demanding Democracy. Instead they got bullets.

Nobody knows what happened to this man. He was nineteen and vanished the very same day. But, at least in the West, his moving example, his message that a single man can make a difference, lives on. Too bad that Google, in its dealings with the Chinese Government, prefers to ignore it:

Google World google China


Blogger A. Cabral said...

Not all is bad, despite the China incident, and adding to that the intrusive publicity on Gmail, there is Google's denial to hand over their files to the US Government. That's not too bad is it? They are not easily intimidated...

12:17 PM

Blogger daviduskas said...

That is good, I know. But there they are being intimidated. By us. by US surfers and bloguers. They know the damage they would suffer if they did that. It's de Democracy thing you asked previously.

1:05 PM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

Good point.

1:55 PM

Blogger Picasso said...

And so they come out as heros, as loyal to the public, to the little bloguer. And we forget the deal with the chinese. At the same time, (this is a bit paranoia) I just wish that, in secrecy, they are not giving intel to the Administration.

2:10 PM


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