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Thursday, January 05, 2006

"THE SUN" & "1984"

Yesterday, against all my better judgements, I squandered 35 p. and bought The Sun. Now, The Sun is a remarkable newspaper, and one of the most remarkable things about it is that it sells around a million copies per day. It must be for a reason and I think I know: The Sun adulterates the truth and appeals to human beings most vile instincts.

Don’t believe me? Front page of yesterday’s: “Gipsy kills honest farmer”: inside story title: “Freed gipsy on day he killed heroic Farmer”. Inside the story: “Gipsy bastards” sprinkled here and there for good measure. Now what the fuck is this? What has the fact of a man being gipsy to do with him having committed murder?

Winston, the main character in 1984, says that “if there is hope it lies with the proles”. Guess what, the proles are to busy being completely fucked up by the mental police of the Age, Rupert Murdoch, and fellow associates.


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