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Sunday, January 22, 2006


As you all know the president of Iran (idiot on the photo) has this dream of wiping Israel of the map. Some people think this is merely rhetoric for internal consumption. I happen to disagree. I am very aware of the strong links between for instance Hamas and Iran. I think this nutter is for real when he utters all of his violent and racist diatribes.

Now, as we have discussed previously, Iran is going ahead with its nuclear program, and we all know that it is not a matter of electricity.

However, personally, I think they should re-think their entire policy on the nuclear issue. They should stop and think a little: some people might just as well wipe the full program of the map… Remember, they have done it before, in Sadam's Iraq.

Incidentally, the man with the hood is being escorted to his death ceremony, in the good old days of the Islamic revolution.


Anonymous Student said...

I happen to agree with you when you say Iran is serious when they say they would gladly wipe Israel out of the map. And that, of course, would imply some serious consequences, for the Jews have the americans by the balls. And the americans have the world by the balls, for that matter. After all, who are we, the young West, compared to thousands of years of Muslim "civilization". Make no mistake, whoever launches a nuke first, it will be nuclear winter... and I don't believe I'm overreacting, either.

10:57 AM

Blogger daviduskas said...

Well, Student that’s a fact all right. The thing is, when Sadam started his nuclear program, the Israelis bombed the shit out the facilities where the whole thing was being developed, in an extremely successful air strike. Hope it does not come to that, but if the Iranians step up their program without international supervision, so be it.

11:05 AM

Anonymous Student said...

Here, here, daviduskas! I am very optimistical towards the human race, but I just cannot understand the logic behind nuclear weapons. May the future be bright for Man, and may the nuclear madness allow us to have a new dawn.

11:51 AM

Blogger Dolores Ibárruri said...

I happen to disagree. We’ve heard this story before, three years ago, about Iraq. Now the main character changed, it’s Iran, but the narrative is the same. As Chomsky recently wrote “Bush and colleagues now declare the right to resort to force even if a country does not have WMD or even programs to develop them. It is sufficient that it has the ‘intent and ability’ to do so. Just about every country has the ability. And intent is in the eye of the beholder.” The real threat is being made by Israel who said that they would do to Iran the same they did to Iraq over a decade ago - bomb them, if they build a nuclear power plant.

12:08 PM

Blogger daviduskas said...

Well Dolores, if we were always on the same side, bloguing would be a drag. Nevertheless, let me elaborate further on why I think that if Iran goes ahead with an UNSUPERVISED nuclear program I think that Israel (or anyone else for that matter) should stop it.

A- Iran is run by a bunch of religious nerds, it is not, as they make belief, a Democracy.

B – If this Iranian regime gets their hands on nuclear bombs there is no telling on what can happen.

C – Do you actually think that the World will be a safer place if Iran gets nukes? I would like an honest answer to this one.

1:05 PM

Anonymous student said...

Agree. The narrative might be the same, Dolores, but the characters have changed. Furthermore, there are actual evidence that Iran has a nuclear programme (unlike Iraq, where no weapons were found). Maybe it's just me, but I don't really feel at ease with a bunch of religious "holy warriors" fanatics running a nuclear programme.

1:55 PM

Blogger Dolores Ibárruri said...

I think the question is not so much whether the world would be a better one with or without nukes. Of course it would be better if NO country had nuclear weapons. For that matter, we should start by protesting against the countries which we know have and use them. The question, I believe, is whether we should allow countries like the US and Israel to threaten, bomb, occupy and rip other countries apart on the grounds that they MAY be THINKING of developing a nuclear program.

1:56 PM

Blogger daviduskas said...

Look, they are not thinking, they are going ahead with it, and they themselves say so. Just go and check on Iran's official policy on the issue

2:00 PM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

Student, what's the evidence? Is it delivered by the same US and British intelligence that said in 2002-3 that WMD's could be deployed in 45 minutes?

2:04 PM

Anonymous Student said...

Nuclear weapons won't disappear anytime soon. So, though I'm completely against the imperialist actions of the USA, I think a policy of deterrence is the best we've got against countries like Iran developing nukes.

2:06 PM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

Daviduskas, where is that policy statement that commits the country to building nuclear weapons?

2:06 PM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

Student, if you accept a policy of deterrence then you can only agree with current US and Russian policies of dumping billions into new generations of nuclear weaponry. Their argument is to make sure that nuclear deterrence can remain effective and no country can deliver a overwhelming first strike.

Noone can feel safe in a world of nuclear deterrence.

2:09 PM

Blogger daviduskas said...

Of course they don't say they are going to make nukes, are u that candid Cabral, come on...

Just check the cartoon on "The fuel behind Iran's nuclear drive" posted january the sixt...

I mean, come on...

2:10 PM

Blogger daviduskas said...

And this has gone way of from my original post. When I wrote it what I meant was this:

Iran should not be alowed an UNSUPERVISED nuclear program. If they go ahead with it, I'm with Israel, I completely agree with what they did towards Sadam as I will agree, if we come to that, with what they will do towards the Iranian regime. If you do not agree, I think that you are being more papist than the Pope. It's fine by me, but I really think you should ponder what could happen if the iranians get UNSUPERVISED nuclear power. Just look at the reality of Iran today, add nuclear power, it is an equation that I don't even want to consider

2:32 PM

Anonymous Student said...

A.Cabral, indeed. I didn't live through the cold war days, and I wouldn't like a new one. But, we cannot let people like the Iranian leader to get hold of nukes. I'm with you, daviduskas, only under a tightly supervised (by UN) programme should Iran procceed. I thought Chernobyl was more than enough to show the benefits of nuclear energy...

3:04 PM

Blogger Goncaluskas said...

He who has glass roofs should not throw stones at the neighbours roof. The most dangerous country with nuclear capability is, the USA. Because: they have the biggest, the widest range and they will use them. Nonetheless Daviduskas has a point: Iran is a religious democracy where the Koran will always take precedence over common sense.

5:48 AM

Blogger Inha said...

Bom dia Daviduskas. Tudo bem?;)

6:46 AM

Blogger sonia r. said...

Bom dia Daviduskas.
Boa semana.

7:58 AM


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