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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

F____ Snow White

Snow White is the fairy tale that I abhor the most and the one I’m always more prone to scorn. There is not a single positive thing about this tale, from its false ultra-romantic depiction of love, to its embarrassing representations of women. Love in Snow White is something that doesn’t exist and never will. Starting from the end, what could be more false than “and then they lived happily ever after”?
Taking this a bit further, what can be said about the notion of the “prince charming”, who will come to the rescue and save the day? Actually if there’s something I can say about it, it is that, not having the looks of a charming prince, much less the behaviour of one, in my teen years my romantic life was extremely affected by this “prince charming” notion: it was so inculcated in the minds of the girls back at secondary school that when it came to love they would all be in la-la-la land waiting for their “prince” to come…
Another characteristic of Snow White that makes me go completely round the bend is the way in which women are depicted. We either have this vain, arrogant, cruel, monster-Queen bitch that will stop at nothing to be the unrivalled beauty of the realm or we have this beautiful, ignorant, good for nothing except house-work, daft princess, with a howwibly – sorry – horribly disfiguring speech impediment, Snow White. I mean she even takes food from strangers for goodness sake!
In contrast, look at the men: The gallant prince who comes to the rescue; the dwarfs that work for a living and take poor, helpless (gasp!) Snow White under their protection, even the hunter, which takes pity on the maid, and lets her go…
To sum up, I would say that Snow White conveys a negative (because of its ultra-romantic implications) notion of Love while at the same time it illustrates women as being either downright devious and cruel or dumb wits good for nothing except cleaning after men.


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