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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Rise of fascism in America

President Bush admitted yesterday that he himself authorised secret spying in American soil. Not only that, he also seemed almost proud of it: "The American people expect me to do everything to protect them and our civil liberties".

The statement is of course an absurdity. How can you claim to protect the liberties of your people and simultaneosly enforce a policy of massive spying on phone calls and email trafic of americans?

It would be a laughing matter if it was not happening before our eyes. It is so grotesque that uninformed people would just laugh and say: you're joking me! No way can what you say be real!

What is happening in America is not a laughing matter at all. As senator Edward Kennedy puts it, "this is big brother run amok". Too true. More people should be reading Orwell's 1984. The political irony of the Age is that common citizens think they know everything about big brother; the TV show, that is.

Huey Long, governor of Luisiana and a politician of relevance until his assassination in 1935, once said: "Of course we will have fascism in America, but we will call it Democracy!" Now his prophecy is on the verge of fulfilment.


Blogger Gaspar VS said...

Yes, I've noticed the ressurection of that problem. So I've writen a carfully analasys of ideology of extreame-right, that can be seen in my blog, (written in portuguese):


4:49 PM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

I also noticed that quote in the Saturday Guardian, very interesting text by Harold Bloom.

It is quite remarkable how everywhere people are arriving at the conclusion that the US is a degenerated empire. A superpower is lost in the wilderness of its own madness and gropes for some control over the world. Yet, it all hangs in the balance of militarism and a braindead nacionalism, in other words fascism. No rights exist beyond the rights of the state and you owe all to it, in other words 1984.

Its funny how the second world war on the one side german and italian fascism were defeated, but on the other the democratic victors have themselves turned fascism. History can be depressing.

7:08 AM


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