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Friday, January 27, 2006

Clashes: It be guns

According to reports, rival gangs of foollwers of both Hamas and Fatah exchanged gunfire in the town of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, leaving at least two people injured.


Blogger P Lumumba said...

O "beguns" é uma referencia às armas na foto?

11:44 AM

Blogger Goncaluskas said...

No it is a form of the verb begin, my brother has made a mistake. It should read: "It begins" Which would translate as " Começou"

11:57 AM

Blogger daviduskas said...

Nope. O beguns é mesmo uma referência às armas da foto: be guns!

Beguns is a reference to this: be guns!

12:19 PM

Blogger daviduskas said...

Further, an adivice: Do never jump into conclusions about me. Do not forget that I am a Penetrating Shaft Of Truth And Semen.

12:20 PM

Blogger daviduskas said...

adivice was for u my dear p.

12:21 PM

Blogger P Lumumba said...

I didn't, I liked the title and just wanted to confirm if it was on purpose.

12:22 PM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

Enlightenment feels a bit edgy today...

12:24 PM

Blogger daviduskas said...

You just hang on and see. There is more to come...

12:25 PM


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