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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


All for one and one for all!

Dear contributors

With the arrival of Student our team is complete. We are the three Musketeers. Student is our D'artagnan and Arrebenta is our spiritual mentor. Why do we write in English? Because English is the language of the World. We aim high. Enlightenment just started, and we will probably never build an impressive audience. Nonetheless, we should try. Why? Because I think we all have something worthwhile saying.

Nevertheless, remember, it is not just what we say; it is the way we say it. We will be better and better with time. Now, let us blog!


Blogger A. Cabral said...

I am lost in the arithmetic. Who am I? There are four musketeers and there are five of us!

7:42 AM

Blogger daviduskas said...

Ehehehe You, me and Gonco are three. Student is D'Artagnan and Arrebenta our mentor...

7:52 AM

Blogger Goncaluskas said...

Well, let me think... Aramis was the one that liked the ladies but then became a priest; Atos was the strong and big one that likes smashing everything and Portus is the one that usually calms down things. I propose that I become Portus, you choose whatever it fits you.

7:54 AM

Blogger Goncaluskas said...

Ah, and Cavaco or Busha are our Richelieu

7:55 AM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

I think Portus was the big one, heavy drinker and eater, also the more relaxed one. Athos was the hot tempered and older one.

(Mas posso estar a confundir com o D'Artacao, e que o livro nunca o li todo, mas tentei!)

8:00 AM

Blogger daviduskas said...

Ok. I like the ladies but I do not want to become a priest. Also I'm the older one, so I will be Atos. And, in this case, dear Cabral, you are to be Aramis....LOL

8:08 AM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

That's the thing, does he become a priest in the book or in the movies?
I am all confused now!!!

8:13 AM

Blogger Goncaluskas said...

Yes Porthos is the big one that likes the beer and battering the Cardinal's guard, but I can not be Porthos because I am small and not a big drinker. I think I should be Athos, David Should be Porthos because he likes drinking and fighting and Cabral would be Aramis

8:14 AM

Blogger daviduskas said...

He only becomes a priest in the sequel Dumas wrote: "Twenty Years After".

But this gives me an idea: shall we change our nicks?

8:15 AM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

ok, fair enough! I will be the delicate, poetic priest, womanizer. Gives me the chance to send a post about the Church in the next couple of days...

8:16 AM

Blogger Goncaluskas said...

No I like my Uskas heritage

8:19 AM

Blogger daviduskas said...

Ok, final version:

Daviduskas: Porthos

Goncaluskas: Athos

A. Cabral: Aramis

Student: D'Artagnan

Arrebenta: I think we should let Arrebenta be himself... But he can be the captain of the gang, our own... Monsieur de Treville

8:23 AM

Blogger daviduskas said...

I also like my uskas thing brother.

8:24 AM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

And I cannot discard my Third World revolutionary persona either...

8:33 AM

Blogger daviduskas said...

To end this interesting conversation in a sinister tone, I want to ask you all something:

Who will be your Countess De Winter? Our MyLady?

Eheheh. You will soon find out...

1:52 PM


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