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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nuns with guns

The President of the Fascist States of America and the “new” Pope are fraternally bound. They are offspring of ideological war, of the Cold War. As the years go by and hence past settles as dust into history, one needs reminders of how the battle between power and multitude was once fought. Back then, in late 60s and 70s, there were guerrillas and guns in South America, they were fighting as they do now in Iraq, against American imperialism. Back then, as now radical clerics abounded, of various sorts, and one such group became known as the "liberation theology". They were far from an homogeneous crowd but from Mexico to Paraguay their mission was alike, to join in struggle their communities against poverty and coercion. Some merely preached rebellion from their privileged pulpits – Porfirio Miranda’s Marx and the Bible for instance, others carried guns and joined the guerrillas, as in Nicaragua or Haiti. It was romantic but both genuine and effective.

It is at this historical juncture that the Bushes and the Pope met. Such radical priesthood, and nunhood, was a danger to the authority of the client regimes of America as well as to the wealthy orders and reactionary theology of the Catholic Church. A double strike was devised, from America came counter-revolutionary training and funding for paramilitary to promptly massacre radical priests. But crucially, from the Vatican came excommunication for dissent, so that these assassinations would go unpublicized and unscrutinized.

Who was paying for the paramilitary? Ronald “the cowboy” Reagan and his vice-president George Bush signed the checks. Who was excommunicating the priests? The Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, aka the Holy Inquisition under its more politically correct name, was Cardinal Ratzinger. Religion is political.


Blogger Ana A. said...

Já o disse: sou Católica, mas totalmente contra a mistura perversa entre Estado e Religião. Seja ela qual for.
Os Católicos, por exemplo, que se "amanhem" com a Igreja de Roma. Os que não o são, não têm de levar com ela, certo?
Cada macaco no seu galho.
Repito: política e religião devem ser como a água e o azeite!
Da mesma forma que fico irritada com os não-católicos dizerem como os católicos se hão-de comportar ou como hão-de pensar, também me faz espécie a Igreja Católica - a sua hierarquia, note-se - querer impôr a sua visão das coisas ao resto do Mundo...como se fosse a única Igreja que salva, etc, etc...
Cristo era filho de Deus. A Bíblia não diz que Ele era Católico. Aliás, Ele até era Judeu...

9:04 AM

Blogger daviduskas said...

I think that, sometimes, a good article loses value by details such as this one: "Fascist States of America"

Although I think that current US Administration has fascist ambitions, the land is, still, a Free Land. Democracy sure is under fire in the US, but I just think you over did it, and that american audiences, even those who would read this article and agree with you, will stop short in the first line. Just an opinion, though.

11:10 AM

Blogger Goncaluskas said...

Yes I thought the same but it's Cabral's article and only he should decide what tone he wants to give it. Perhaps he was trying to emphasize the point that the US president does have fascist streaks such as secret police and to a large extent the patriot act.

I wrote about it on 5th January 2005 " the soft dictatorship" where I do compare the current US with the fascist dicatorship of the 60's Portugal

11:28 AM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:58 AM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

Only a couple of weeks ago, there were posts in this blog to the effect that the US is on a fascist trajectory, if not employing fascist mechanisms. A state of organized fear, constant violation of privacy rights, massive enprisionment of its population appears to qualify to the common use "fascist" label, if not the "fascist" historical category in all its purist detail.

It is meant, besides its resonating truth, as a satirical jibe like the nuns with guns. Does it really offend that much, I would think that calling Reagan and Bush the mass murderers of priests would be more damning...

12:01 PM

Blogger Goncaluskas said...

Cabral, in my opinion you should stick with it. This is you free space to say whatever you want provided it is relevant to the theme of the site which it obviously is.

12:16 PM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

Given the Latin American theme: Gracias Don Goncaluskas!

1:44 PM


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