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Monday, December 19, 2005

Rise of fascism in America - II

In 1984, the book, the ruling political structure was a self-perpetuating dictatorship. This was achieved by putting into action several thought control devices. However, another important tool for the maintenance of the fascist regime was the fact that it was in a perpetual war against some other fascist regime.

For those in power a perpetual war was an absolute necessity. In fact they were not aiming at winning the war, just in perpetuating it. There are several advantages in a never ending war.

Firstly, you have an external enemy and this binds your citizens together, under your leadership. Secondly, because there’s a threat you can always have "traitors" in your midst (i.e. those that oppose your policies), and blame them for whatever goes wrong in your country. Thirdly, since there’s a threat you can enforce a policy of spying on the citizens, of restricting their liberties and argue that it is for their own good.

This is what happens in 1984. Now I ask you: What is happening in America today?
Can the war on terror be won? Can it possibly end? It cannot: there will always be terrorists.

What are those who are against the continuation of the war on terror? Un-Americans, "traitors". What is the Patriot Act? Legislation aimed at locking up the “traitors”, spying citizens, restrict their liberties, ergo, control them. Am I wrong?


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