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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blogued out

Our society is so embedded with individualism that often isn’t easy to find people with whom one can talk, debate, share information and be creative. Bloguing changes all that.

There are several reasons why I think bloguing is important but I will give only two.

Firstly, in the blogosphere we get access to real information, and not the crap mainstream media feeds us. In the blogosphere not only we get relevant information ignored by mainstream media, but also analysis; relevant insights to what mainstream media sells as innocuous, "innocent" events. In addition, bloguing subverts the traditional relations between producers and audiences, because the bloguer is simultaneously audience and producer. This alone is an extremely relevant fact, that was absent from life until just a few years.

Secondly, I’m a natural born explorer. The blogosphere is important because I can meet so many different people and acquire so many different “takes” on such a variety of issues.

Yesterday, again embarking on a journey where no bloguer had gone before, from Penis and Vaginas Amplifiers to Cat food & Louis the brain Killer, I came across with Rebecca's Pocket.

Although I disagree with some of what this bloguer has to say, I think her words on Bloguing Ethics should be read.


Anonymous Simon Palmer said...

Great link to the Rebecca's Pocket article, thanks. BTW are you using "bloguer" as analogous to "flanneur"? Just wondering...

10:28 AM

Blogger daviduskas said...

Dear Simon

The Flanneur is a poet whose environment is the crowd. He merges with the people. He gases at everyone. He is a great observer of spontaneous manners and movement. He occupies a huge space because he owns none of his own. He possesses a passion for visual performance. He is a living man of imagination. For this reason he resists rationalisation, consumerism, mapping of space, construction and confinement. In short, he resists rigidity and domestication.

Was this that you had in mind? Then maybe I was, maybe I was...

10:41 AM

Blogger Vega said...

São coisas (muitas delas!) em que nunca tinha pensado... Pelo menos, nos termos em que são postas no Rebecca`s Pocket. Também não concordo com tudo o que li, mas fico sempre agradecida por me darem a conhecer uma versão dos factos mais "transparente" do que aquela que eu conhecia...

7:59 PM

Blogger sonia r. said...

Bom diaaaaaa!!!!!

8:54 AM

Blogger A. Cabral said...

Amigo Daviduskas, isto anda apertado de tempo, e mal posso dar conta d'obitoque, nao me esqueco do B2E, nao preciso ser recordado. Para breve, para breve...

8:13 PM


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